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1. Entrance terms and conditions:

The use of the climbing park is at the visitor’s own risk. The participant is liable for any harm to his/her own body as well as for any damage caused to the park’s equipment and property and for any damage caused to third parties.

2. Safety briefing:

All visitors must take part in the safety briefing before climbing. Only the equipment provided (received after payment of the day pass or season pass) may be used. The equipment must be used in accordance with the instructions of the instructors and may not be passed on to other persons. It is not permitted to leave the grounds with the loaned equipment; the loaned equipment must be returned at the end of your visit. The maximum permissible weight for climbing is 120kg. For safety reasons, the instructor team reserves the right to prohibit anyone from participating who does not fulfil the requirements of physical fitness or has any other impairments. The Kletterpark Waldbad Anif accepts no liability for any damage resulting from violations or actions that go against the instructor team’s instructions.

3. Equipment:

When securing/fixing the safety carabiners on the steel cable, one of the two safety carabiners must be connected to the safety cable at all times. The safety carabiners must NEVER both be disconnected at the same time. Parents and guardians must always ensure that the children under their supervision are properly secured. Only one person is permitted on an obstacle at a time; no more than 2 adults or 3 children may be on a platform. Only one person is permitted on a zip line at a time, and the slide may only commence when there are no people in the landing area. We recommend comfortable sportswear. Sturdy shoes are a must (no sandals or flip flops), and long hair must be tied back. In the event of loss of or damage to equipment, you will be charged a fixed sum of EUR 500.-.

4. Safety:

Obstructive objects or items that could fall out of your pockets (cell phone, jewellery, keys, etc.) must be deposited or left in your car. The Kletterpark Waldbad Anif assumes no liability for deposited or lost items, nor for any damage to objects/clothing. Smoking is prohibited throughout the adventure park. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas without the harness. The membership and participation in all activities takes place at the vistors’s own risk.

5. Liability:

The instructions of the instructors must be followed. In the event of violations or actions that go against the instructions, the person in question will be warned, and in the event of a repeated violation, he/she will be excluded from the visit and thus from the participation; the entrance fee will not be refunded. The Kletterpark Waldbad Anif assumes no liability for accidents or damage resulting from infringement or violation of instructions.

6. Terms of payment:

The Kletterpark Waldbad Anif reserves the right to close the park or parts thereof for safety reasons or for maintenance work; the entrance fee will not be refunded. The admission fee will not be refunded if a participant cuts his/her visit short at his/her own request.

7. Consent:

The participant declares that he/she does not have any physical/psychological conditions that affect his/her ability to climb, and that he/she is not under the influence of medicine, alcohol or drugs.

8. Minors:

The minimum height is 110cm. Children up to the age of 10 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or an authorised representative (the signed declaration of consent of the legal guardian serves as proof; this transfers the legal responsibility of care to another adult) – each child must be supervised by one adult; the legal guardian ensures the child’s proper use of the safety carabiners.  Children up to the age of 13 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or an authorised representative (the signed declaration of consent of the legal guardian serves as proof; this transfers the legal responsibility of care to another adult) – up to three children can be supervised by one adult.  An instructor can take the place of the guardian, if an instructor is available. Children aged 14 and upwards need the signed consent of their legal guardian to climb alone. Without this consent, they are not allowed to use the climbing facilities. With his/her signature, the legal guardian confirms that he/she accepts the terms and conditions and has explained the terms and conditions to the children/youngsters. Parents are liable for their children throughout the park or, in the case of excursions, also outside the park, for the term of participation.

9. Photos and video recordings:

The Kletterpark Waldbad Anif hereby informs visitors that it may make photos, videos and webcam recordings for security, advertising and information purposes throughout the park. Should a member not agree, he/she must expressly communicate this and cannot become a member.

10. Maximum duration / Number of rounds:

This depends on the vistor’s physical constitution as assessed by the instructor(s), who assume responsibility for this. The maximum duration of a visit is 3 hours or, if applicable, the time slot that was booked in advance. It can be extended at a surcharge of EUR 5 per half hour or part thereof, provided that enough safety equipment is available.

11. Food and beverages, smoking:

Are not permitted without the permission of the instructor team. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.

12. Order and cleanliness:

The participants undertake to keep all areas used by them clean and to stay on the designated trails. Waste must be thrown in the bins in the park. Dogs are not allowed on the grounds of the Waldbad Anif. When leaving the park, the equipment must be taken off (also when visiting the restrooms). Under no circumstances is it permitted to relieve oneself on the grounds; in such an event, the visitor in question will be ordered to leave the park.

13. Entrance:

Participation commences upon payment of the entrance fee and agreement with the association/participation conditions. With his/her participation and signature, the participant agrees that he/she will receive news regarding the Kletterpark Waldbad Anif and its partners by email or post on a regular basis. The participation connected with a day pass will end automatically at the end of the day; a season participation ends at the end of the season in which it was concluded. Season pass holders and frequent day visitoers waive the safety briefing after having completed it once. However, if a visitor feels uncertain, he/she can take part in another safety briefing at any time.

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Day Membership - Kletterpark Waldbad Anif